No the version number hasn't been changed yet in the file

Why the Zibo install guide is important. Please follow it diligently

Sorry, but this scenery do not use ORBX library

Great job! Can you do some Sunwing and Air Canada livery? Thanks for the great work!

You just need the mod folder

The other folder that you're seeing (I assume) is the paintkit.

I could not install the plane , I climbed everywhere , I did not find where I threw planes before , in this case the game did not work!

there are 2 folders where to throw the second one ?

thank you very much, seems to work now love it since its a freeware aircraft and its at PMDG 737's levels, I used to fly the 737's on p3d but I needed to download lots of scenery, and the were way to heavy, so now for short hauls I started to use xp12 and mfs2020, and I gotta say that this zibo is amazing


I did some testing, it may be a bug. Loading the preset sets the correct Light Storage value, but it doesn't change in X Plane. Easiest fix is just to "rock" the Light Storage slider a few degrees to get it back.

I will continue to investigate this when I have some time to see if I can make it work correctly without a workaround, as it happens with a couple other sliders also.

I'll do some testing when I get a chance and get back to you.

I have the same problem. First load a default x plane aircraft tracking real time weather and time. Then load the zibo mod which works for me. As you said strange this is happening. It works on my x plane 11 with no issues. Only x plane 12 it seems to have a few bugs

Would you please be kind enough to send me the link for the forum explaining how to fix this? As I cannot find it unfortunately

I must be doing something wrong. I change the Light Storage to about 4.5 and the cockpit is nice and bright. I then save the preset and as soon as I load the preset again everything is dark. Am I missing a step? Thanks.

Can you clarify what you mean? I'm testing the volumetric lights from inside the Zibo cockpit and I can see them outside.

ITC changes only external lighting and doesn't change any lighting inside the aircraft.

Well, not very soon - you're better of just cloning/copy the Profiles and editing the Actions yourself.

I'm currently busy with my other Tools/Profiles and don't really want to spend another 90$ just for creating a Profile. Did flew the A321 maybe like two-three Times just to test the Profile and Scripts. X-Plane 12 is just not there yet (for me) to spend more Time on it except for the Development of the Plugin.

What is definitely (way down) on my ToDo List is to change these A321 Profiles to use the normal AirbusFBW ATA DataRefs where applicable. Apparently using the ckpt/lamp/ DataRefs is considered Bad Practice ^^ This could explain why so much is "broken" for the NEO (new Cockpit and such).

Amazing profile for both the StreamDeck XL and the StreamDeck+, adds so much to the experience, thanks a lot for sharing it! Also works perfectly with the ToLiss A319.

Any chance for a converted version for the new ToLiss A320 NEO? - They apparently changed some DataRefs as well of button mappings, so a lot of buttons and status displays are not working with the A320 NEO.

Thank you for your comment. Tell him that the livery is made with the specifications of Air Lince VA because it is a livery for that virtual airline. Therefore I have not made any changes. It is possible that in the future there will be modifications and other license plates will be added, but always respecting the license plates within the VA.

Love this mod. One thing I don't like is you can't see the volumetric lights in 3D cockpit view. Can this be implemented? Would be amazing.

i have installed the zibo for xplane12, i followed each step to download it, but when i load into the zibo, it loads for around 5/7 minutes and then my xplane crahses, never had with with all my other planes like ff and toliss.., i have a friend who has it and works perfectly for him.

That is not a Zibo bug, unfortunately. For support, please go to our Forum

Tis is a complete Zibo mod for XP12. Nothing is missing. Please follow the Zibo install guide and make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements. For support, please go to our forum.

Hey! Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for the delay, I was offline for a while. For the GE Engine mod, you can find it here: https://forum.thresholdx.net/topic/5614-adapting-the-jar-ge-pw-mods-to-the-xp12-default-a330-300/

And yes I can try to make Aerolinas argentina if you want and if it is not already done.

Great! Some piramids still there but not that much like in orginal, shape of clouds is much better!

Hello, great livery. I’d like to request vh-vwn and vh-vww. There both Jetstar a321s with iae engines. You can look them up on the internet if need be. I’d love these to come highly detailed to my toliss so that would be greatly appreciated.


Hello! Awesome livery! I do have 2 requests though it would mean the world if you could consider making them. The first request is VH-VWN. It’s a Jetstar a321 sl with iae engines. I don’t have a picture but you should find some on the internet. My next request is VH-VWW. This is also a Jetstar a321 iae but it has wing tip fences. You may be able to see a picture on the internet as-well. I’d love to see these come highly detailed for the toliss!

Thanks so much

Unforutnately I cant post it they will not let me

Hi,When trying to download it downloads a .rar doc, not a file. Why is that?


many thanks, i try that immediatly, very good job 😊

I am having the exact same problem! anybody know how to fix this? the standard 737 that comes with the x plane works with app/loc. Also x plane crashes when I load the zibo mod. I have to start a new flight with a default aircraft for it to then work

I have added what I could of your feature request to v2.2.

Great work done so far! Suddently the ILS (APP,VOR/LOC) doesn't work :/

Scenery is now correct after I installed ORBX scenery library.

anytime i try to start a flight using the 737-800X, it crashes with the error message of "An airfoil could not be found!"

Brilliant in every way, attention to detail is amazing

Please ask for help on our forum